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This diploma program focuses on preparing you to work in a variety of hospitality positions requiring the application of current industry policies, practices, and procedures and tools.

The two options are:
– Hospitality Management Diploma
– Hospitality Management Diploma with Co-op


Upon completion of the program, students will have demonstrated theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills in teamwork, customer service, front office and housekeeping operations, sales and managing, hospitality accounting and food and beverage management


• Grade 12 graduate or mature student status (British Columbia, 19 years or older)
• Meet minimum English language proficiency requirements.

Program Hours
Total instructional hours 960
Total Co-op hours 840 (if applicable)
Total program hours 960 (No Co-op) – 1800 (With Co-op)
Total program length (weeks) 48 (No Co-op) – 90 (With Co-op)
  • Successful completion of all program courses
  • Successful completion of program Co-op (If applicable)

Upon successful completion, graduates will be able to secure employment in the hospitality industry in a variety of positions, in hotels, restaurants, facilities, conventions, and also food and beverage management.

Course No. Hours
HOS110 Managing Front Office Operations 60
HOS120 Managing Housekeeping Operations 60
HOS130 Security & Loss Prevention Management 40
HOS140 Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry 40
BUS300 Business Communication 40
HOS200 Contemporary Club Management 60
HOS210 Revenue Management 40
HOS220 Hospitality Today, An introduction 60
HOS300 Basic Hotel & Restaurant Accounting 40
HOS310 Hospitality Facilities Management & Design 40
HOS230 Hospitality Sales & Marketing 60
HOS240 Convention Management & Service 60
HOS350 Supervision in Hospitality Industry Training 60
HOS400 Managing Beverage Service 60
HOS320 Managing Hospitality Human Resources 60
HOS410 Hospitality Services in the Airline Industry 40
CAP 100 Career Preparation 40
HOS430 Food & Beverage Management 60
HOS440 Leadership & Management in the Hospitality Industry 40
Co-op 840

☒ In-class instruction
☒ Distance education
☒ Combined delivery (both in-class and distance)

HOS110 Managing Front Office Operations
This course reflects the increased role of technology in front office operations, including e-commerce. The course also outlines strategies and action steps for what to do when technology fails and you have to fall back on manual operations.

HOS120 Managing Housekeeping Operations
This course is designed to provide students with the principles of housekeeping management as they apply to the hospitality industry.

HOS130 Security & Loss Prevention Management
This course explains the issues surrounding the need for individualized security programs, examines a wide variety of security and safety equipment and procedures,discusses guest protection and internal security for asset protection, explores risk management and loss prevention issues, and outlines OSHA regulations that apply to lodging properties.

HOS140 Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry
In this course students learn the basics of purchasing, implementing, maintaining, and effectively managing today’s information systems in hospitality. Emphasis is placed on computer literacy topics such as hardware, software, operating systems, data communications, application software and information systems.

BUS300 Business Communication
This introductory course emphasizes the development of business communication skills, including reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students will write for various purposes and audiences and deliver short presentations to small groups.

HOS200 Contemporary Club Management
This course will give students a basic understanding of the roles destination management organizations (DMOs) and convention and visitor bureaus (CVBs) play in the tourism industry. All aspects of organization operations are covered, including service, research, product development, human resources, and financial management.

HOS210 Revenue Management
This course will give students a basic understanding of the revenue management process. It addresses the proper use and importance of revenue management in hospitality operations and describes the wide range of elements that must be considered in order to use revenue management effectively.

HOS220 Hospitality Today, An introduction
This course provides the hospitality student what they need to understand in a rapidly changing global marketplace. It introduces students to issues involved in planning, developing, marketing, and managing hotels in the international arena. It also gives students a solid foundation for understanding and managing cultural diversity in the workplace, and underscores the importance of protocol in international interactions.

HOS300 Basic Hotel & Restaurant Accounting
This course provides a basis for understanding of hospitality accounting concepts and procedures, the processing of hospitality financial data, and the flow of financial information in the accounting cycle that results in the production of financial statements.

HOS310 Hospitality Facilities Management & Design
This course provides students with information they need to know to manage the physical plant of a hotel or restaurant and how to work effectively with the engineering and maintenance department. Students will learn how technology can streamline operations procedures, how to balance environmental concerns with guest satisfaction, and how to communicate effectively with hotel engineering personnel.

HOS230 Hospitality Sales & Marketing
In a highly competitive hospitality market, it is essential to have an understanding of marketing and sales This course is designed to provide students with a solid background in hospitality sales and marketing.

HOS240 Convention Management & Service
In this course you will learn how to define the scope and segmentation of the convention and group business market, describe marketing and sales strategies to attract markets with specific needs, and explain techniques to meet those needs as part of meeting and convention service.

HOS350 Supervision in Hospitality Industry Training
This course provides a thorough look at training by addressing how to assess and analyze the training needs of new and established operations; look upon training and development as an investment; use training tools and techniques; train with technology; measure and evaluate training; and use different training techniques when training employees, supervisors, and managers.

HOS400 Managing Beverage Service
This course lays the groundwork for a basic understanding of beverage service by explaining the beverage service process, describing the types of positions commonly found in beverage operations, and focusing on such beverages as beer, spirits, and wine. Included in the course are instructions on responsible alcohol service, supervisory techniques, and procedures for entry-level beverage service positions.

HOS320 Managing Hospitality Human Resources
This course presents a systematic approach to human resources management in the hospitality industry. Students will analyze contemporary issues and practices, as well as employment laws that have an impact on the way people are managed.

HOS410 Hospitality Services in the Airline Industry
This course introduces students to the service function in airlines. Students learn the basics of in-flight and preflight service, the role of flight attendants in the airline industry and how to make a career in airlines.

HOS420 Career Prep & PLA Portfolio
This course prepares students for their coop experience and job search by introducing them to interviewing skills, resume writing, cover letters, interview preparation, public speaking and an introduction to general customer service.

HOS430 Food & Beverage Management
In this course students will learn the foundation they need to make smart decisions in food and beverage operations. The course addresses ways in which food and beverage operations have adapted management and operating tactics from other industries, what operations are doing to maintain or improve quality standards while reducing expenses, and how high-tech strategies are being used to give customers greater value for their dining dollars.

HOS440 Leadership & Management in the Hospitality Industry
This course is designed to acquaint students with leadership, management, and quality issues facing today’s hospitality industry, including topics in managing organizational change, traditional management roles and styles versus leadership in the twenty-first century, quality management, continuous improvement, power and empowerment, communication skills, goal setting, coaching, high-performance teams, diversity, strategic career planning, and ethics.

This Coop will provide you with the opportunity to apply acquired theory and skills in a practical business setting. You will gain real world experience working on projects as a member of a team with project deliverables and deadlines.

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