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READ THE RULES BEFORE STARTING THE TEST This test is a preliminary level assessment test and by no means serves as a satisfaction for English proficiency requirement. It only gives us an idea of the level of your English. It is important to know that upon your arrival to Canada, if you are taking the test from overseas, you will be tested again on site in order to place you at the right level. The result of this test does not mean that you have fulfilled the language requirements of our admission. If you pass this course with a score equal or better than Pre-Intermediate level, you will get a conditional admission pending the result of the proctored test you will be taking upon your arrival at the premises of our college. If you are placed in a level less than what the result of this online test is, when you write the proctored exam at the college, you will need to take some English classes and pay for it as a prerequisite for your admission, before you are fully admitted to our college programs. If the result of this test is less than Pre-Intermediate, you cannot get admission from us for any college course and you will need to take English classes first. In order to take this test, you are required to have a person other than your family members, to proctor you. A proctor can be anyone who works for the government, health system or school system at the country that you are located. A proctor could also be the education or travel agency representative that you chose to work with. You are required to request a password for the proctor by providing their email to us. We will send the proctor an email with a code that they must put in before the exam starts. Email for the proctor MUST be different than the email you use to take the test. By taking this exam, you will acknowledge that you understand the terms and conditions under this disclaimer.
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