Real Time GPU Programming

  /  Real Time GPU Programming

As computer games and animation become more and more advanced there is a need for a lot of help from the hard ware and low level languages to make the game experience smoother and with a better High Definition quality. This course teaches our students high level techniques to take advantage of the hardware attributes that GPUs are offering.


• This is a single course and by itself does not lead to any career path


• Grade 12 graduate or mature student status (British Columbia 19 years or older)
• Meet minimum English language proficiency requirements.
• Students must have passed Algorithms, Flowcharts and problem solving as well as object oriented programming with C++ as well as Windows Programming and MFC or they have credentials that shows they know the above mentioned topics.

Upon completion of this program the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to

  • Understand and implement Lighting
  • Understand and implement shading
  • Understand and implement coloring
  • Understand and implement animation

Assessment will consist of quizzes, exams, and assignments.

Students must pass the course with at least 60%.

Total instructional hours 60
Total Co-op hours 0
Total program hours 60
Total program length (weeks) 3

☒ In-class instruction

☒ Distance education

☒ Combined delivery (both in-class and distance)

Not all courses may have textbooks. Textbooks are listed on the course outline. Textbooks may not be available through the college.

  • Successful completion of the course.

For proof of English Language Proficiency please refer the Student Handbook.

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