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Prior Learning Assessment / Credit Transfer Policy

It is the policy of the ITD Canada to grant credit or exemption, on the basis of prior learning whether from formal studies, or professional, work or life experience. Adult students often bring a great deal of knowledge with them when they decide to return to school. ITD Canada may award credit to students for past life experiences and past formal education through PLA.
The determination of competence levels and of credit awards will be made by appropriate subject matter and academic experts. ITD Canada’s Instructors under the supervision of senior educational administrator made sure that ITD Canada’s staff is trained on regular basis to improve their professional development so they can provide students with a fair prior learning assessment.
At ITD Canada Prior Learning assessment is done by some valid and reliable means, qualified specialists, of what has been learned through non-formal education, training or experience that is worthy of credit in a course or program offered by an institution providing the credit.
A student may be excused from completing a course or program requirement if approval is granted by the appropriate institutional representative; usually exemptions are only granted to students who have proven that they have comparable learning; although an exemption may be granted, the student may be required to replace the exempted course with an alternate course.
In order for a student to be exempt from a course the student must have finished that course in a well-known education institution, a student must provide ITD Canada with a transcript and based on the nature of the course the student may be asked to write a challenge exam or submit a portfolio.
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  1. The student has taken a course with the exact same name as the name of the course in ITD Canada or a course which is similar to ITD Canada course as long as he/she can provide an official course outline from the previous school or an apprentice supervisor that is covering 70% or more of ITD Canada’s course outline. ITD Canada will charge students $75 per course to process the PLA application. $75 is nonrefundable and it is only for processing the PLA request that may or may not be granted based on Senior Education administrator and department heads (Head of particular school at ITD Canada)
  2. A student is willing to take a challenge exam/project/portfolio depending on the course he/she is trying to challenge. ITD Canada will charge $75 processing fee for processing the exam and the student will be exempt from taking a specific course when he/she passes the challenge exam with 70% or above.

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  1. The student must submit a written request to marketing representative/admission responsible along with the processing fee for PLA and all documents from previous school or apprenticeship supervisor OR the request to write a challenge exam.
  2. The marketing representative/admission should forward to department head AND Senior Education Administrator within 2 business days of receiving the request.
  3. Department head and Senior Education Administrator must take proper action in order to either evaluate the student’s documents OR prepare a challenge exam for the student.
  4. In case a challenge exam is granted to the student, he/she MUST take the exam within one business day after receiving it from department head or Senior Education Administrator under the supervision of school staff. The exam should be taken before the third week of any quarter.
  5. If PLA request is approved the student should receive written notice from department head or Senior Education Administrator


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