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Institute of Technology Development of Canada

Founded in 1999, the college is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We deliver fully comprehensive learning experience to both domestic and international students. We believe in lifelong learning opportunities as pathways for individuals to remain competitive providing programs with field experiences that prepare students for a changing world and empower them to improve it.
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Why ITD Canada

ITD Canada strives to offer an education that will allow our graduates to meet current and future challenges and achieve their goals. Individuals can choose any of our up-to-date Diplomas in Art, Business, Hospitality and Information Technology to start continue their personal growth and professional development. The hands-on experience encourages students to forge relationships that support them during college and into the future.
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Student Success is at the heart of everything we do

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Why We Strive

ITD Canada is constantly innovating and offers career training programs developed by professionals with credentials related to their areas of expertise. Our small class sizes allow closer interaction and individual attention whilst maintaining the high standard of quality that our students need to succeed in their future endeavors. Additionally, our career training programs are constantly updated to meet the marketplace requirements.
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Practice makes perfect. Improve your skills easily.



Request Info.

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